"Sweet Cuppin' Cakes"

What up what up?! So I've been seeing some cupcake nails in my search for super cute art, I needed a break from fakes so I wanted to do something cute and simple. This only took maybe 2 hours, at first I felt like they looked amateur and rushed, but they're alright. Hopefully I'm my worst critic ^_^

Products Used: 
(Different colors are optional, I used one matte color for the background and a similar metallic/ dense glitter for the cupcake bottom)

Sally Hansen Xtreme 130 Blue Me Away
Sally Hansen Xtreme 300 White On
Sally Hansen Xtreme 180 Disco Ball (iridescent glitter)
Milani 3d Holographic 512 Hyperspace
Milani Nail Art Striper 702 Art of Silver
The Color Workshop (deep red)
Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen (black)

Method Used:
Coat 1: Paint matte color on each nail (like Blue Me Away)
Coat 2: Make a white frosting-shaped cloud on middle of nail
Coat 3: Paint the bottom of the cupcake with a darker metallic or dense glitter color (like Milani 3d)
Coat 4: Put iridescent glitter over white frosting
Coat 5: Use additional bright matte colors for sprinkles. Add a red cherry to the top of the cupcake
Coat 6: Use glitter striper to make stripes on the cupcake base
Coat 7: Use nail art pen to outline the shape of the cupcake and stripes along the base


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