"Barney and Friends"

Hey guys, just thought I'd throw up a tutorial on these glittery diva nails, thanks!

Products Used:
You need 3 metallic colored enamels, along with large (3-4mm) rhinestones or metallic confetti of the same colors
Sally Hansen HD 12 Hue
LA Colors (Color craze) Metallic Purple
Sally Hansen Xtreme 140 Rockstar pink (glitter)
Wet N' Wild (Wild Shine) 446C Carribean Frost
Wet N' Wild (Wild Shine) 460D Kaleidescope

Method Used:
Coat 1: Pick a color, on the base paint a coat of a metallic polish. 
Coat 2: Paint stripes along the tip with the other two metallic colors
Coat 3: Paint stripes of glitter layering over the corresponding colors along the tip
Coat 4: Paint silver glitter only over colored tips
Coat 5: Glue 2 of each other colored rhinestone or confetti to nails

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