"Sweet Cuppin' Cakes"

What up what up?! So I've been seeing some cupcake nails in my search for super cute art, I needed a break from fakes so I wanted to do something cute and simple. This only took maybe 2 hours, at first I felt like they looked amateur and rushed, but they're alright. Hopefully I'm my worst critic ^_^

Products Used: 
(Different colors are optional, I used one matte color for the background and a similar metallic/ dense glitter for the cupcake bottom)

Sally Hansen Xtreme 130 Blue Me Away
Sally Hansen Xtreme 300 White On
Sally Hansen Xtreme 180 Disco Ball (iridescent glitter)
Milani 3d Holographic 512 Hyperspace
Milani Nail Art Striper 702 Art of Silver
The Color Workshop (deep red)
Sally Hansen Nail Art Pen (black)

Method Used:
Coat 1: Paint matte color on each nail (like Blue Me Away)
Coat 2: Make a white frosting-shaped cloud on middle of nail
Coat 3: Paint the bottom of the cupcake with a darker metallic or dense glitter color (like Milani 3d)
Coat 4: Put iridescent glitter over white frosting
Coat 5: Use additional bright matte colors for sprinkles. Add a red cherry to the top of the cupcake
Coat 6: Use glitter striper to make stripes on the cupcake base
Coat 7: Use nail art pen to outline the shape of the cupcake and stripes along the base



"My Little Pony"

Hey guys here are last night's efforts, I really love using confetti, it's so bright and metallic! Hope you love them ^_~

Products Used
Milani 3d holographic 512 cyberspace
Sally Hansen HD 15 DVD
LA Colors (color craze) metallic pink
LA Colors (color craze) metallic silver
Milani Nail Art 116 art of silver
Wet N' Wild (wild shine) 460D kaleidoscope
Medium (2mm) silver rhinestones
Silver and red (5mm) confetti hearts

Method Used
Coat 1: 2 coats of pink, blue, and purple on varying nails
Coat 2: paint a "V" on your tips in silver
Coat 3: add a coat of iridescent (kaleidoscope) glitter
Coat 4: glue confetti heart on each nail. You need to slightly fold each one to match your nail curve
Coat 5: add rhinestones under hearts
Coat 6: use glitter striper to make another "V" under rhinestones. Enjoy!!


Da Staples

Hey I just wanted to post real quick all the things I use on a regular basis for my nail art, things I love to have ^_^

Seche Vite base and top coat- oh so important. This is my favorite ever top coat
ORLY Enamel thinner- for thinning out polish and keeping brushes nice
100% acetone
Dotting tool
Orange stick
Nail glue (heavy duty kind that's a yellow and red bottle)
Nail file
4 way buffer
cuticle remover
Clear acrylic powder/ liquid/ primer
Fimo cane flowers
Loose Glitter
10pk. assorted nail art brushes
Micro Stick-On earrings
Metallic Confetti
Assorted Acrylic nail tips

There's a lot I need to buy but those are what I need to have on hand, generally ^_^

"Friday Night Lights"

These rainbow nails are oh so sexy and sparkly, they light up the night!

Products Used: 3 tints of each color, preferably shimmery or metallic.
(For Yellow)
Sally Hansen Xtreme 360 Mellow Yellow
Sally Hansen HD 12 Hue
Milani 3D holographic 510 (gold)
Sally Hansen Xtreme 180 Disco Ball
G- 1, Response, or any larger, denser silver metallic glitter
2-3mm rhinestones (large) or stick-on earrings matching the colors of the nails

Method Used:
Coat 1: Use the striper to paint stripes of the 3 tints of the same color vertically 
Coat 2: Apply iridescent (in this case, disco ball) glitter on top 
Coat 3: Paint the tips using the really dense larger glitter 
Coat 4: Add a rhinestone or stick on earring ^_^

"Barney and Friends"

Hey guys, just thought I'd throw up a tutorial on these glittery diva nails, thanks!

Products Used:
You need 3 metallic colored enamels, along with large (3-4mm) rhinestones or metallic confetti of the same colors
Sally Hansen HD 12 Hue
LA Colors (Color craze) Metallic Purple
Sally Hansen Xtreme 140 Rockstar pink (glitter)
Wet N' Wild (Wild Shine) 446C Carribean Frost
Wet N' Wild (Wild Shine) 460D Kaleidescope

Method Used:
Coat 1: Pick a color, on the base paint a coat of a metallic polish. 
Coat 2: Paint stripes along the tip with the other two metallic colors
Coat 3: Paint stripes of glitter layering over the corresponding colors along the tip
Coat 4: Paint silver glitter only over colored tips
Coat 5: Glue 2 of each other colored rhinestone or confetti to nails


These are chunky, sexy, and super fabulous. Glitter and rhinestones make them an adult affair ^_^

Products Used:
Sally Hansen HD 12 Hue (sparse glitter)
Sally Hansen Xtreme 180 Disco Ball (Dense glitter)
Milani 3D Holographic 510 (Gold) (Very dense, very pigmented glitter)
3-4mm (large) rhinestones of assorted colors
1-2 mm rhinestones or stick-on-earrings
2-3mm metallic confetti pieces

Method Used:
Coat 1:  2 or 3 shades of each color: sheer micro glitter (like Sally Hansen HD), sparse glitter with similar colors, then dense glitter of the same colors. The idea is to grade from sparse to dense glitter at the tip. Paint a third of nail each color, starting with sheer micro glitter at cuticle.
Coat 2: Glue Biggest rhinestones at the tip, trickling down to smallest rhinestones. Use a lot! I glued metallic pieces of confetti to each nail for added sparkle! Use anything glittery to catch people's eyes! 

"Betty Spaghetti"

These are super cute, super fun, super kawaii nails that look good on your short natural nail!
You only need 1 tint light and dark (I used pink for the directions), 2 polka dot colors, and iridescent glitter!

Products Used:
NYC Nail Glossies 213 pink
Sally Hansen Xtreme 16 Fuchsia Power
Wet N' Wild (Wild Shine) 460D Kaleidescope (glitter)
Sally Hanser Xtreme 360 Mellow Yellow
Sally Hansen Xtreme 130 Blue Me Away
Assorted 3-4mm (large) rhinestones

Method Used:
Coat 1: Paint a coat or 2 of a light tinted kawaii color. I chose light pink
Coat 2: Sponge a gradient on the tip with the darker color
Coat 3: Iridescent glitter. It's important to put the polka dots on TOP of glitter
Coat 4: Use small dotting tool for one of the colors
Coat 5: Use large dotting tool for the other color
Coat 6: Glue a rhinestone corresponding to a polka dot in the corner of the nail!

Have fun ^_^

"Nicki Minaj"

So I did this nail art after I saw these trends. I replaed black with silver glitter and used "mermaid colors"

My version (acrylic) (sorry about the bad camera!)

Products Used:
LA Colors (Color Craze) Metallic Pink
LA Colors (Color Craze) Metallic Purple
Wet N' Wild (Wild Shine) 446C Carribean Frost
Sally Hansen Xtreme 23 Marine Scene
Wet N' Wild (Wild Shine) 460D Kaleidescope (glitter)
NYC 105A Starry Silver glitter
Milani Nail Art 702 Art of Silver or anything with 1/2mm (large) glitter pieces 
Fimo flowers
(optional) Clear Acrylic powder with irridescent glitter will work as a substitute for Kaleidescope enamel)

Method Used: 
Coat 1: Use clear/ glitter acrylic and let set and buff -or- paint nail bed with kaleidescope glitter. Leave the tips bare to paint them.
Coat 2: Paint polygons of color chunks along tips of the nail. It doesn't need to be perfect. Triangles work well.
Coat 3: Use silver glitter striper to outline your shapes.
Coat 4: Glue a fimo flower to each thumb
Coat 5: Use large glitter nail polish to set "rhinestones" around the border of the fimo cane, and 3 on each nail in the corner.

Thanks! ^_^

"The Little Mermaid"

Products Used:
LA Colors (Color Craze) Metallic Pink
LA Colors (Color Craze) Metallic Purple
Sally Hansen Xtreme 23 Marine Scene
Sally Hansen HD 15 DVD
Wet N' Wild (Wild Shine) 446c Carribean Frost
Sally Hansen Xtreme 140 Rockstar Pink (glitter)
Milani Nail Art 702 Art of Silver
Fimo cane flowers

Method Used:
Coat 1: Sponge paint a gradient from the cuticle starting pink, then purple, then blue, then teal/ green.
Coat: 2: Sally Hansen HD or any sheer micro glimmer or shimmer. You should see the gradient underneath. Use under sea colors
Coat 3: Stripe using 2 colors of dense glitter. I used purple and silver.
Coat 4: Add fimo flowers. I used brightly contrasting under sea colors like pink and yellow.


1st wave of nail art

Some stuff I started this year. More to follow!

Lots and lots of glitter and bright metallics used this summer!

Aww Yeah!

Welcome, welcome, welcome! Well, My name is Stephanie, just wanted to start this blog, a girl I work with said I should post my nail art online- here I am! I am trying to get a nail tech license, until then I'm just coming up with awesome new ideas! I've loved nail art since I was a kid, hopefully it stays with me. My art is influenced by young girls' design, rave culture, sexy American trends, and all things super kawaii ^_^

So enjoy my posts to come, I'll show you the cutest things in my world!