"Candy Canes"

Happy Holidays. Well they're coming quicker than ever. I'm not a huge fan of Christmas but I think Occupy Wall St has me in better spirits. And the NBA lockout is over! Not a bad season at all.
Anyways, I don't have much for a tutorial on this, but here's the gist of it:

Start by painting nails red or hot pink works, too. I painted on top of full cover fake nails from the drugstore. Just tape them to toothpicks or something to keep from touching them. Paint a very fine glitter on top, or something foil-y. You don't want it too glittery yet. Use a white nail art striper and go to town. Check a photo for the pattern. Then I added a fine silver glitter
striper on top of the white. Voila!
More holiday nails are coming, keep checking back!


"Pretty Pretty Princess"

Hey all. My nails are doing okay. I painted these on the first snowfall after I was looking at Disney Princess bedroom ideas. My apartment's getting a facelift, get ready!

This is a really in depth tutorial. Ready set go!
Products used:
Sally Hansen Xtreme 340 mint sorbet
L.A. Colors BCC 563 Purple
Sally Hansen Xtreme 470 Bubblegum Pink
Sally Hansen Xtreme 180 disco ball (iridescent glitter)
Sinful Colors 831 Hottie (blue tinted glitter)
Pink Nail confetti
Small (1mm) pink rhinestones

Method Used
Coat 1: Paint nail tips in alternating green and purple, skipping one middle nail, paint that nail pink
Coat 2: Add blue glitter over all colors, and clear glitter to nail beds
Coat 3: Add pink stripes to tips
Coat 4: add rhinestones to tip line, and a piece of confetti underneath
Be creative, have fun!
Coat 2:



Finally my nails were healthy enough for acrylics again! It's winter in Minneapolis and it's getting really really dry. I had to do some nail treatments first. Anywho:

Products Used: 
Clear Acylic & clear tps
L.A. colors BCC 580 Teal
Sally Hansen HD 15 DVD
L.A. Colors Art Deco: Dark Blue, Silver, Teal Glitter, and Silver Glitter
Medium (3mm) Rhinestones
Small (1-2mm) Rhinestones
Green Nail Confetti

Method Used:
Coat 1: Paint tips teal, and one nail solid teal. 
Coat 2: Coat tips with Sally Hansed DVD
Coat 3: Add 2 blue stripes, cross them with a silver stripe
Coat 4: Coat the stripes with glitter 
Coat 5: Add Rhinestones and nail confetti

It's a lot more teal than I expected but I still <33 this