Hey so I got caught up watching nail art videos and I had to do some more. I wanted to do some water marbling again and I realized the KEY to marbling is literally trying out tons of fricken combinations until you get something awesome. I had to thin out some of my polishes but it worked out in the end. Also painting your nails white or SOMETHING beforehand works well, and incorporating that color (white) in the marble to make it *pop*. This reminded me of some of my toys growing up.

Products Used:
Sally Hansen Xtreme 270 Lacey Lilac
Sally Hansen Xtreme 300 White On
Sally Hansen Xtreme 470 Bubblegum Pink
Milani 3D holographic 512 Cyberspace
Wet N' Wild WildShine 460D Kaleidoscope (iridescent glitter)
Purple and Blue Nail confetti (2-3mm)

Method Used:
Coat 1: Use white nail polish as a base, and tape off your nails for marbling
Coat 2: Drop your colors, I went with pink, then blue, then white, then purple, continue to make rings
Coat 3: After swirling a pattern (mind were random) pick a spot and dip it in!
Coat 4: After your nails are at the desired marble, coat them with glitter
Coat 5: Add 2-3 pieces of confetti, I put mine over any mistakes.

Have a good time with this, if you don't know how to water marble do a youtube search there are tons of tutorial vids. Toodles! ^_^


"Fruit Salad...Yummy Yummy"

Hey guys I had to change it up again. I've changed my nails 3 times this week...That's why I like 'em short for a while because I can change them a lot more often. Yeeha, don't hate on this one too bad I had to experiment and I know it looks amateur but I was rushing and had to get to work. I bumped my thumb and index as well so they didn't finish well, but whatever I was just screwing around having fun. I got no tutorial on this. Just throw some fruits on your nails! I mainly used a thin nail art brush (similar to a striper with shorter bristles) and a toothpick....Anyways, I'm trying to think of an AWESOME acrylic set to start. Wish me luck ^_^



Check out this metallic mess ^_^

Products Used: (green nail, all nails have a different color, but it's hard to tell)
L.A. Colors (color craze) Metallic Green
Sally Hansen HD 15 DVD
Small (2mm) colored rhinestones

Method Used:
Coat 1: Paint 2 coats of very metallic nail lacquer
Coat 2: Add a thin layer of Sally Hansen HD "DVD"
Coat 3: Add a straight line of green rhinestones

Easy Peasy. Have a sweet weekend ^_^



You can NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, have too much glitter.

Products Used:
Wet N Wild 460D Kaleidoscope (clear iridescent glitter)
Seche Vite top coat
Polyester micro iridescent glitter (in a can)

Method Used:
Coat 1: Apply base coat
Coat 2: Sprinkle on glitter while it's still wet. Tap off the excess
Coat 3: Seche Vite
Coat 4: Seche Vite
Coat 5: Seche Vite


August Hearts Toes

Check out my toes! I'm loving that nail confetti ^_^



Check it out! I finally took my acrylics off and used the new bling I got. I loved doing these and they're so sparkly in sunlight it's awesome.

Products Used: (Blue Nail)
Sally Hansen Xtreme 130 Blue Me Away
Sally Hansen Xtreme 220 Celeb Only (silver)
Wet N' Wild (WildShine) 460D Kaleidoscope (iridescent glitter)
Assorted color nail confetti
Assorted color small (1mm) rhinestones

Method Used:
Coat 1: Paint a THICK layer of blue polish
Coat 2: Add 3 small drops of silver
Coat 3: While they're still wet, use an orange stick and drag through the silver drops to marble
Coat 4: Add glitter after they're dry
Coat 5: Add colored confetti pieces near the tips
Coat 6: Add colored rhinestones in between confetti

Voila! ^_^

Summer's almost over!

Just wanted to post another nail design, sorry about the crappy camera I didn't have access to the good one and I wanted to change the design. But they are green and pink marbled with an orange stick. I'm loving that type of marbling it's faster and easier than water marbling, but it looks very different. Good times ^_^


My Day Off

My days off are usually giant spa days, spent doing hair, makeup, and / or nails. I didn't have to work today, so I washed my hair and latch hooked the dreads, kinda tight to make the roots more defined. I also made a hair bow. I also found some nice new lashes I tried out and LOVED, and took some photos. It's 5pm, I got some dishes to do...what else?? ;)


A bit more bling

Check these out!

The top is a rainbow of small rhinestones, the bottom are confettis. I'm geeked. Stay tuned ^_^


"Poison Ivy"

Hey there, just wanted to quick post my new acrylic set. The base is clear glitter acrylic and the rest is sparkly, shiny, and sexy!

Products Used: (green nail)
Natural acrylic tips
Clear acrylic mixed with iridescent glitter
Sally Hansen Xtreme 340 Mint Sorbet (pastel green)
Sally Hansen Xtreme 17 Ivy League (light metallic green)
L.A. Colors Color Craze (dark metallic green)
Sally Hansen Xtreme 300 White On
Sally Hansen Xtreme 220 Celeb Only
Small (2mm) rhinestones
Green and Purple confetti stars (4mm)

Method Used:
Coat 1: Apply glitter acrylic to nails, cure, file, and buff.
Coat 2: Sponge a gradient on tips using light, medium, and dark shades of the same color (green)
Coat 3: Use a flat square brush to dip 1/2 the width in white paint, and the other 1/2 in silver. Paint silver flowers with white centers. 
Coat 4: Glue rhinestones in the centers of the flowers
Coat 5: Glue Stars randomly. 

I asked my boyfriend what I should paint and he said, "purple" and this is what I came up with. Thanks Joey! ^_^


Butterfly Bling Cell Phone

Hey, so another thing I did last night was bling out my cell phone. I've ended up doing this to every phone I've had, especially when it comes time to get a new one. So yeah, I'm in the market for a new cell phone, meanwhile:

I love how cute I was able to make this and make it all American-style! Rhinestones from Michael's, that 
butterly on top is a rubber eraser with glitter nail polish on it!! No decoden for me until I can really really afford it, right now I'm wasting my money on other things so decoden will have to wait. BUT- good to know I can make something look awesome without it!

Rainbow Heart Earrings

Last night was fun. I got off work at around 9pm and started surfing the web when I saw these:

And I was like, "OMG I have all these same materials why am I not rockin cuter earrings?!?!"

Seriously. I have 10 ear piercings. Why my earrings aren't all ridiculously awesome is beyond me ;)
So I started making heart shaped ones, and coated MY star beads in glitter. So here ya go!

And I really like them. I'll try to take a photo wearing them soon and playing dress up ^_^


"Hello Kitty Goodies"

Well, last night I was super determined to do a full acrylic set, with some encased goodies like stickers and fimo canes. I got through four nails before running out of monomer! :(

Acrylics are much harder than they look I was getting a little frustrated from not having consistent acrylic bead sizes and wetness, but when it all gets filed down, everything did stay intact and I buffed them smooth like a BOSS.

I really think I beasted it, considering this was my like 3rd ever set. I'm gonna be a freakin boss once I go through school. ^_^

Products Used:
Clear Acrylic
Acrylic mixed with fine iridescent glitter (I actually have a dark glitter and a light one)
Hello Kitty stickers (These are cell phone stickers so they are clear ;) )
Stick On earrings (I love using these!)
Fimo flowers

Method Used:
Put down a fine layer of glitter acrylic
Add stickers, canes, etc. Some you have to bend/ fold slightly to get them to fit the curve of your nail
Add clear acrylic on top. I went thick with it to really make sure the art is trapped inside and I'll live with the extra filing. Filing did take forever though ;) I'll get better
File, and buff to an awesome shine, add top coat and love to death!


Kid Sister "Pro Nails"

Look at this video, it's SUPER cute!! The song's not bad either ;)

And the REMIX- (even better!)


"Blues Clues"

With the new pastels I got, I wanted to do something pastel + metallic silver, and this is what I came up with!

Products Used: (purple example)
Sally Hansen Xtreme 270 Lacey Lilac
L.A. Colors (color craze) Metallic Silver (dark silver)
Sally Hansen Xtreme 220 Celeb Only (light silver)
Sally Hansen Xtreme 180 Disco Ball (iridescent glitter)
Sally Hansen Xtreme 300 White On
Medium (3mm) silver rhinestones

Method Used:
Coat 1: Paint a pastel color on each nail
Coat 2: Add iridescent glitter
Coat 3: Use 4 strokes to create a "staircase" on each nail with DARK silver
Coat 4: Start farther back on the staircase with a LIGHT silver
Coat 5: Add white polka dots under dark silver
Coat 6: Add rhinestones over light silver

Have fun! 

Hello Kitty Acrylic

Just wanted to quick show off my FIRST encased acrylic sticker, I expected it to not work or for the edges to poke up, but I handled it LIKE A BOSS!! I also added two stick-on earrings (weird, right?) and the design came out pretty freakin well, no edges sticking up anywhere, and I was able to get the acrylic pretty smooth.

Only thing is I added a little too much glitter to the acrylic powder. When keepin it kawaii goes wrong. lol. But I'm freakin geeked to do more like this. ^_^

Another awesome drugstore haul

So I wanted to show off some stuff I bought at Walgreens, I've been on this crazy hunt for the perfect, BRIGHT pink eyeshadow, like "POW!" pink. I haven't had time or money to throw down on a good pot of MAC, but I've been looking around, there was a Rimmel one I liked, then found 2 Wet N' Wild palettes that were PERFECT!!

And hell yeah, they're awesome. The one on the left has way metallic silver, (you know I love metallics!), the bright pink I wanted, and a glittery black, (and y'all KNOW I love glitter!). So I was thrilled with this. On the right is cream color, blueish-teal, and magenta. Genius. 

Here's an example of the silver and pink, (In conjunction with some stuff I already have)

Then Target had these on sale!

I'm happy! Today was a busy day so check out my other post about my nail polishes I came home with. Stephanie OUT ^_^