Happy Holidays, I'm back!

It's been a long time since-ah rock n roll!Heres a bunch of hand painted goodness! This last gumdrop set was a super successful experiment with texture and glitter on tips with gel overlay. Tons of glitter on top of the uv top coat before cure and voila! Nails that look dipped in sugar. Happy Holidays!!


Encased Lace, y'all!!

So I finally found some black lace (Halloween gloves at Target) and set it between some acrylic! They're thicker than I want but I ran outta zebra files and my drill bits suck. But I still love em!


Y mas nails por favor....

More of lately. Those heavy metal ones I did for an Alice in Chains concert and it was an incredible night! \m/


hey I been gone forever just dealing with a ton of b.s. I have to move soon so no new nail job until November, but I am taking today to get my social media in order. So here's what I been up to!


Wavy dreads!

Gave them some cute volume by braiding them and unraveling. They look glam ;)


"Disney Princess Cameos"

Check em out! I love em I gotta do these on myself soon. I got this awesome set of pink glitters I've been mixing around :)


Done with school!

All that's left is taking the state test soon. Otherwise it turns out I didn't get the best education but the best part of this industry is how easy it is to breakout on your own and self educate. I can't wait to get involved with mpls' cosmetology community. And I'm back on my smelly acrylic, sorry Clarite, its been real, but no thanks ;)


February Updates!

Here's some stuff I been working on

And my apartment is getting organized and kawaii as fckkkkk


"Winter Metal"

So....I'm almost done with school! Apparently next week, so I've been obnoxiously stressed about the whole thing. But, also obnoxiously excited, too. Here was a stress reliever, and in my book, something simple ;) (I love metallic wraps!)


"Glam Princess"

I know I gotta diversify and break outta the kawaii/ princess nail rut, but it's such a cute style and IDGAF!