"Stars and Stripes"

Hey guys, check it out!

Products Used:
6 bright/ pastel colors. Suggested are Yellow, Orange, Pink, Purple, Blue, and Green
Sally Hansen Xtreme 180 Disco Ball (iridescent glitter)
L.A. Colors Art Deco BNA520 Black Sparkles (black striper brush)
Sally Hansen 300 White On (white)
Star-shaped nail confetti (white)
Method Used:
Coat 1: Paint thin horizontal stripes on your nails. I used yellow at the base, then orange, pink, purple, blue, then green.
Coat 2: Repeat with 2nd coat so colors are vivid
Coat 3: Add a layer of iridescent glitter
Coat 4: Use black striper to paint horizontal lines between colors
Coat 5: Add a large drop to some nails and fan out the drop with a toothpick to make star shapes
Coat 6: Add star confetti

Top coat and dance til you drop ^_^


"Halloween Liquid Flames"

Hey guys, just changed my polish again. I'm taking a break from acrylics, so sorry for so many shorts, but short nails can be just as cute and fun!

Products Used:
Wet N' Wild WildShine 424A Black Creme
Response 54 Red Glitter
L.A. Craze Magnetic Force BCC 562 (Pinkish- Orange)
Wet N' Wild FastDry 222C (Metallic/ glitter Orange)
Wet N' Wild FastDry 236C Silvivor (Metallic Silver)

Method Used:
Coat 1: Paint each nail black, except one nail on each hand silver.
Coat 2: Add red glitter over the black nails
Coat 3: Use L.A. Craze to make ooze/ flame shapes. I used some big drops, then dragged them up to the top
Coat 4: Use Wet N Wild orange glitter over ooze shapes
Coat 5: Favorite topcoat!

I hope I get another change to do a halloween set. It's coming quick!

"Animal Planet"

Hey guys, sorry I've been on a brief hiatus. I've been really involved in Occupy Minnesota in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street. It's definitely a hell of an adventure, and if you're against corporate greed and government corruption, join an occupation near you!

That said, here's some nails I did a few weeks but didn't have time to upload.

Anyways, I have to go to bed so no tutorial on this. Just sponge if it's semi-sheer, paint the yellow to pink gradient on your nails. Use a silver nail art brush for accents. Top off the details with a black nail art pen. Rawr!