"Nicki Minaj"

So I did this nail art after I saw these trends. I replaed black with silver glitter and used "mermaid colors"

My version (acrylic) (sorry about the bad camera!)

Products Used:
LA Colors (Color Craze) Metallic Pink
LA Colors (Color Craze) Metallic Purple
Wet N' Wild (Wild Shine) 446C Carribean Frost
Sally Hansen Xtreme 23 Marine Scene
Wet N' Wild (Wild Shine) 460D Kaleidescope (glitter)
NYC 105A Starry Silver glitter
Milani Nail Art 702 Art of Silver or anything with 1/2mm (large) glitter pieces 
Fimo flowers
(optional) Clear Acrylic powder with irridescent glitter will work as a substitute for Kaleidescope enamel)

Method Used: 
Coat 1: Use clear/ glitter acrylic and let set and buff -or- paint nail bed with kaleidescope glitter. Leave the tips bare to paint them.
Coat 2: Paint polygons of color chunks along tips of the nail. It doesn't need to be perfect. Triangles work well.
Coat 3: Use silver glitter striper to outline your shapes.
Coat 4: Glue a fimo flower to each thumb
Coat 5: Use large glitter nail polish to set "rhinestones" around the border of the fimo cane, and 3 on each nail in the corner.

Thanks! ^_^

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