Da Staples

Hey I just wanted to post real quick all the things I use on a regular basis for my nail art, things I love to have ^_^

Seche Vite base and top coat- oh so important. This is my favorite ever top coat
ORLY Enamel thinner- for thinning out polish and keeping brushes nice
100% acetone
Dotting tool
Orange stick
Nail glue (heavy duty kind that's a yellow and red bottle)
Nail file
4 way buffer
cuticle remover
Clear acrylic powder/ liquid/ primer
Fimo cane flowers
Loose Glitter
10pk. assorted nail art brushes
Micro Stick-On earrings
Metallic Confetti
Assorted Acrylic nail tips

There's a lot I need to buy but those are what I need to have on hand, generally ^_^

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