"Friday Night Lights"

These rainbow nails are oh so sexy and sparkly, they light up the night!

Products Used: 3 tints of each color, preferably shimmery or metallic.
(For Yellow)
Sally Hansen Xtreme 360 Mellow Yellow
Sally Hansen HD 12 Hue
Milani 3D holographic 510 (gold)
Sally Hansen Xtreme 180 Disco Ball
G- 1, Response, or any larger, denser silver metallic glitter
2-3mm rhinestones (large) or stick-on earrings matching the colors of the nails

Method Used:
Coat 1: Use the striper to paint stripes of the 3 tints of the same color vertically 
Coat 2: Apply iridescent (in this case, disco ball) glitter on top 
Coat 3: Paint the tips using the really dense larger glitter 
Coat 4: Add a rhinestone or stick on earring ^_^

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