These are chunky, sexy, and super fabulous. Glitter and rhinestones make them an adult affair ^_^

Products Used:
Sally Hansen HD 12 Hue (sparse glitter)
Sally Hansen Xtreme 180 Disco Ball (Dense glitter)
Milani 3D Holographic 510 (Gold) (Very dense, very pigmented glitter)
3-4mm (large) rhinestones of assorted colors
1-2 mm rhinestones or stick-on-earrings
2-3mm metallic confetti pieces

Method Used:
Coat 1:  2 or 3 shades of each color: sheer micro glitter (like Sally Hansen HD), sparse glitter with similar colors, then dense glitter of the same colors. The idea is to grade from sparse to dense glitter at the tip. Paint a third of nail each color, starting with sheer micro glitter at cuticle.
Coat 2: Glue Biggest rhinestones at the tip, trickling down to smallest rhinestones. Use a lot! I glued metallic pieces of confetti to each nail for added sparkle! Use anything glittery to catch people's eyes! 

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