Another awesome drugstore haul

So I wanted to show off some stuff I bought at Walgreens, I've been on this crazy hunt for the perfect, BRIGHT pink eyeshadow, like "POW!" pink. I haven't had time or money to throw down on a good pot of MAC, but I've been looking around, there was a Rimmel one I liked, then found 2 Wet N' Wild palettes that were PERFECT!!

And hell yeah, they're awesome. The one on the left has way metallic silver, (you know I love metallics!), the bright pink I wanted, and a glittery black, (and y'all KNOW I love glitter!). So I was thrilled with this. On the right is cream color, blueish-teal, and magenta. Genius. 

Here's an example of the silver and pink, (In conjunction with some stuff I already have)

Then Target had these on sale!

I'm happy! Today was a busy day so check out my other post about my nail polishes I came home with. Stephanie OUT ^_^

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