"Fairy Kei Nights"

Yeeah-yeeah! And I used that clarite for it. I'm getting a litle more comfortable with it. But mainly I haven't checked out another system. We'll see! :)


"charm school"

I was feelin pink and plaid/ argyle. I wanted to girl it up with some 3d flowers that came out great, but the idea clashes. There's a competition coming in April so I gotta step the 3d game up :)


Leopard print sculpted slims

These are Rihanna-inspired on a girl on school, I was wayyyy happy with it but our acrylic at school is O.P.I. clarite odorless....not a big fan. It takes forever to set and it needs a much dryer mix ratio too otherwise its way sticky and clings to your brush. Then it has a tacky layer to file off but it accounts for almost 1/2 your thickness....anyways we were pretty geeked about the final results w00t w00t!


"Lisa Frank 2"

Hey everyone! I know it's been forever but I'm still doing my thang! School starts next Monday, too.anyways, check these out


Super kawaii April- Cotton Candy/ Lemonade

Hey, kids! I'm still alive, wish I had a better camera, but whatever- IDGAF! Here's some things I've done recently (always practicing nails like a BOSS)

There are all hand-painted, done on full-cover glue-on nails...and it's damn near summer so you know I gotta get my pedicure on! Fairy kei fa' liffffe!


"Easter Eggs"

Hey everybody- I know it's been a minute but look Im still gettin' it!

And I just ordered some nail art supplies that should be here soon. I'm excited for spring and using brights and pastels!



 What's up everybody just posting the latest! I was thinking about fairies and mermaids and behold:

Hope you like them- they are so blinged! 
Also- I'm finding more people playing my jam Pro Nails the Rusko remix- please check it out it's swag as hellllll. See ya!


"School of Kawaii"

So I wanted to do something cute with a gingham print. I'm not in love with the yellow/ orange color I picked, actually I do love it, but I should've done a more consistent color scheme. Oh well- still super kawaii ^_^

They are just hand-painted on full cover glue-ons. I realized the trick to make a good gingham pattern is to use more sheer polishes, and pick a polish only slightly darker for the intersections. I learned something, and that's what's up ^_^


"Unique Haul"

So....I grew up on thrift and dollar stores. (poor!) Here's some stuff I found on my trip to Northeast Unique:

So yeah- $18 bucks later, a shoe purse (the light-up Sketchers Twinkle Toes is PERFECT!), some crafting supplies, a plush Tinkerbell, and a bunch of cute toys. GOOD STUFF! Can't wait to go back!


"Hime Valentine 2"

Hey guys. So a couple days ago I was all flustered running around getting errands done before work and broke 2 corners off my nails in a cab door! :(
Not to worry, it just meant I got another excuse to re-do my nails, plus I needed a fill anyways.

I wish my camera could show more of the blingy-bling but this is as good as it gets. I <3333 doing nails like this! Super cute, super kawaii, super gyaru, even. After filling my clear tips, I used Sally Hansen Diamond Shine 320 Must Have Iris and L.A. Colors BCC 555 Silver glitter towards the tips, then lots of sparkly blingy junk!The 3-d heart in the middle came out way clearer than I wanted (supposed to be pink acrylic) but it's all good. ^_^ 

AND- I made this necklace:

Because I <333 Ariel. I'm going back to sleep. See ya!


Better lashes!

Hey blogger, I was just writing to express how happy I am that I found good lashes to use!
I had been looking up all these gyaru tutorials and been doing great eye makeup for a while now, but when it comes to falsies, I have a lot of trouble on some days. My left eye tears us tremendously on some days, so it ruins my bottom, WATERPROOF eyeliner and shadow, and I couldn't figure out why until I googled it, and someone said that something must be irritating my eye. My natural lashes are obnoxiously curly so I always have to use a stick to push em down. Some days are better than others, but today I decided to try another kind of lashes, AND to cut them down so I don't have them so far on the corners. Worked like a charm on the first try!

Here's what I used to use:

But I think they were irritating my eyes a bit. They're pretty stiff but super cute and very dolly. 
But that's okay because I switched to these:

And these feel much better. They looked really long and dramatic in the store but wearing them they are way cute. Today was a good day! ^^


"Hime Valentine"

Yaaaay acrylics. These were fun.

Products Used:
Clear nail tips
Clear acrylic
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength 320 Must-Have Iris
Wet N' Wild FastDry 234C Hannah Pinktanna
L.A. Colors ColorCraze BCC 555 Silver Glitter
Milani Jewel FX 583 Hot Pink
Pink and purple heart nail confetti
Small (1mm) pink/ purple rhinestones
Small (1mm) pink/ purple pearls

Method Used:
1: Apply clear acrylic tips and acrylic, file and buff
2: Paint nail tip (sally hansen) pink- just one coat so it's still semi-transparent
3: Paint nails with Milani hot pink glitter, getting most of the glitter to sit on the tips. 
4: While paint is still wet, affix alternating pearls and rhinestones along smile line
5: Add 3 hearts on tip
*Repeat alternating nails with purple and silver glitter!

Enjoy ;)


Some more stuff

So....got some more cute stuff! <333 the thrift store, <333 Korean owned beauty supply stores!

Cute hair bows!- $2.00

 Care bears throw blanket from the thrift store- $4.00!

Cute butterfly ring- $3.00

These bears were attached to little hair rings but fell off. I don't mind though now they're cute cabochons- $2.00

Quite a fun trip. Um...I just got my tax returns TODAY. After catching up on some bill$ I'm going to the same 3 stores for a mega haul, maybe Sunday. Keep checking me out ^_~


"Valentine's Bling"

Check it:

I LOVE IT! I have so many different pinks and glitters and bling pieces, I just swatched all the colors together with various glitters, picked my favorites, and blinged it up. Hope you like! They're on my natural nails so I can change em before V-Day. Bye byeeeee

"South Mpls shopping"

Hey- so I went to some little family owned beauty supply and fashion stores in south Mpls. I went to one store that had SOOOOO much stuff! Tons of cute barrettes, hair beads, nail polishes, cute jewelery, nail art supplies, weave, wig, everythang! (I like to stay natural though ^_^)

After that I went to a thrift store. Anyways- here's everything:

All this is so cheap but functional, and works well as decora, fairy kei, or just a bunch of cute s**t! And I've been crafting a ton lately, and one of my favorite past times is decorating toys.

F**k yeah my care bear is decora. Why wouldn't she be?!

And there's nothing better than adding barrettes and rhinestones to my little ponies. 
Things are getting cuter all the time around here. I'm hoping to get on that tumblr tonight. Peace out <3