"Betty Spaghetti"

These are super cute, super fun, super kawaii nails that look good on your short natural nail!
You only need 1 tint light and dark (I used pink for the directions), 2 polka dot colors, and iridescent glitter!

Products Used:
NYC Nail Glossies 213 pink
Sally Hansen Xtreme 16 Fuchsia Power
Wet N' Wild (Wild Shine) 460D Kaleidescope (glitter)
Sally Hanser Xtreme 360 Mellow Yellow
Sally Hansen Xtreme 130 Blue Me Away
Assorted 3-4mm (large) rhinestones

Method Used:
Coat 1: Paint a coat or 2 of a light tinted kawaii color. I chose light pink
Coat 2: Sponge a gradient on the tip with the darker color
Coat 3: Iridescent glitter. It's important to put the polka dots on TOP of glitter
Coat 4: Use small dotting tool for one of the colors
Coat 5: Use large dotting tool for the other color
Coat 6: Glue a rhinestone corresponding to a polka dot in the corner of the nail!

Have fun ^_^

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