"Valentine's Bling"

Check it:

I LOVE IT! I have so many different pinks and glitters and bling pieces, I just swatched all the colors together with various glitters, picked my favorites, and blinged it up. Hope you like! They're on my natural nails so I can change em before V-Day. Bye byeeeee

"South Mpls shopping"

Hey- so I went to some little family owned beauty supply and fashion stores in south Mpls. I went to one store that had SOOOOO much stuff! Tons of cute barrettes, hair beads, nail polishes, cute jewelery, nail art supplies, weave, wig, everythang! (I like to stay natural though ^_^)

After that I went to a thrift store. Anyways- here's everything:

All this is so cheap but functional, and works well as decora, fairy kei, or just a bunch of cute s**t! And I've been crafting a ton lately, and one of my favorite past times is decorating toys.

F**k yeah my care bear is decora. Why wouldn't she be?!

And there's nothing better than adding barrettes and rhinestones to my little ponies. 
Things are getting cuter all the time around here. I'm hoping to get on that tumblr tonight. Peace out <3


Camera < 33

Just showin love to my camera. I'm so grateful to have it! I may also be starting a pinterest or tumblr....we'll see. Now that I can take and post photos....look out!


"Dollar Store Haul"

Whatup guys? Arts and crafts these days! I took a fun quick trip to 2 dollar stores today. In the spirit of all that is swag, decora, and fairy kei, check what I got:

I like to use stuff to make other stuff. Recycling and DIY can be amazing for decora. I love those puffy star scrunchies! I've never dressed full on decora yet, but I have gotten pretty close at some raves. There is another dubstep show I want to go to soon. I'll post the swag when it comes ^_^

I made this a couple days ago. Big ol' bow necklace. <333

And here's a recent picture I found

Can you tell I've been having a ton of fun lately?
Happy 2012 so far... ,)



Hot damn! I finally did some 3d Japanese-style artwork. Check it:

As for a tutorial, I watched dozens on youtube and practiced on quite a few nails before attempting to sculpt the acrylic on my own nails. I did this all in clear acrylic and painted over it, which is tedious and takes longer, but I also feel like since it was my first time sculpting, clear is a good choice to hide mistakes, you can just paint what it SHOULD look like on top. Anyways I f***ing LOVE these nails, and I'm thrilled with how they came out on BOTH hands. 

Katy Perry, I'm ready whenever you are! Bring Lady Gaga ;)


"Flower Girl"

Hey guys. Just switched up the polish. Too tired for a tutorial, sorry. But google nail polish flower painting and you'll be on your way. I usually stray from intricate hand-painting but I felt the urge to get my game up. ^_^
Mostly I'm geeked that my right hand is looking just as good if not better than left! On my way to becoming ambidextrous!

--R Rated Comment--
A friend and I were recently discussing femme lesbians, drag queens, french tips, and long fake "stripper" nails. I started talking about nail techs in the hood and in the clubs and how it's a staple in urban queer communities, as well as the porn industry. She was like why? I said "who else besides queer divas and drag queens would be obsessed with women's fingers? Think about it!" wink wink. Seriously though hot queer chicks love my nails. It's pretty awesome.

-Stefanie B


"Iced Out Pink"

Hey everybody! Back to clear acrylics, and I love these!

 Products Used:
Clear Acrylic Nail Tips
Clear Acrylic powder
Iridescent glitter
Pink and White Nail confetti
Small (1mm) rhinestones (pink and clear)

Method Used:
Prep and attach nail tips
Lay down a thin coat of acrylic
While it's still wet, set in confetti
Use monomer to keep surface wet, and use a dry brush to sprinkle glitter on tips
Encapsulate glitter and confetti in a thick layer of clear acrylic. Use extra on the confetti, but not too much
Cure, and sand. DO NOT over sand the confetti area! They will lose their luster
Add clear top coat after buffing. I use Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Top Coat
While it's still wet, add rhinestones to smile line
Add Seche Vite and you're done!

Also, I found an awesome website with Japanese fashion magazine scans, free to download!
And click nails on the tags. Japanese nail art can be really daunting, especially as I make my way to the 3d super kawaii fairy kei style of doing things, but I'm still going to try someday!
-Stefanie B


"New Year for New Nails!"

Hey everyone! Welcome to 2012. It should be a damn good year. Anyways I got my internet back up and running so I'm thrilled to be able to update on my compy instead of a cell phone. So check dees out:

Did these on full cover nails in December. It was great. I was thinking about Cinderella and Disney Princesses at the time!

These were my new years' blinggity bling. I really liked doing these and finally got some silver crackle and paired it on top of white for a bright foil texture, and added 3 kinds of glitter! They were sexy. Still are sexy! Even my new digital camera doesn't do em justice

So that's the start of the new year! Keep checking back
-Stefanie B