"My Little Pony"

Hey guys here are last night's efforts, I really love using confetti, it's so bright and metallic! Hope you love them ^_~

Products Used
Milani 3d holographic 512 cyberspace
Sally Hansen HD 15 DVD
LA Colors (color craze) metallic pink
LA Colors (color craze) metallic silver
Milani Nail Art 116 art of silver
Wet N' Wild (wild shine) 460D kaleidoscope
Medium (2mm) silver rhinestones
Silver and red (5mm) confetti hearts

Method Used
Coat 1: 2 coats of pink, blue, and purple on varying nails
Coat 2: paint a "V" on your tips in silver
Coat 3: add a coat of iridescent (kaleidoscope) glitter
Coat 4: glue confetti heart on each nail. You need to slightly fold each one to match your nail curve
Coat 5: add rhinestones under hearts
Coat 6: use glitter striper to make another "V" under rhinestones. Enjoy!!

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