OK gals from the U.S. LISTEN UP!! I just stumbled on a nail polish gold mine! Get to your local Dollar Tree asap, they have great nail polish for sale- L.A. Colors! I first found L.A. Colors at Walgreens and CVS and bought a pack of metallic nail polish, and the quality is fantastic, the pigments are really vivid! So at the dollar store they have all kinds of L.A. Colors nail polish in assorted colors, some are matte but most are metallic or glitter! I took home 10 bottles.

BONUS!! Again, at Dollar Tree they also have L.A. Colors Nail Art Deco pens! Another fantastic find, great quality, I took home 4 of these, (and now that I've tried them I'm going back for the rest!)

The nice thing here is you can order these online, everything is $1 a piece. So for once, my ghetto fabulous way of living pays off well. $14 for 14 bottles of nail polish. What an awesome day!

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