"Tonight Tonight"

I got restless again. But I love the versatility of acrylics too much, I was watching videos and inspiration struck!

This is done over a clear acrylic set with clear tips.
Products Used: (Blue nails)
Milani 3d Holographic 512 Cyberspace
L.A. Colors BCC 572 Metallic Blue
L.A. Colors BCC 569 Dark Blue
L.A. Colors Metallic Charcoal
Sally Hansen Xtreme 180 Disco Ball (iridescent glitter)
Any white and yellow polishes
Star-shaped nail confetti
Small (1mm) clear/ iridescent rhinestones

Method Used: 
Coat 1: Paint a coat of glitter on all nails
Coat 2: With a cosmetic sponge, paste sheer metallic blue to your tips (milani cyberspace)
Coat 3: Continue sponging with darker shades of blue, all the way up to the tip making a gradient. You may have to experiment on paper to get the right shades and layers.
Coat 4: Paint a moon or star on your thumb, or another nail. 
**I did the moon with a nail art brush, and the star by putting a drop of white on the nail and fanning out sparkles with a toothpick**
Coat 5: Add stars towards the tips
Coat 6: Add rhinestones in between

I LOVE this one! Hope you do too ^^

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