Hey so I got caught up watching nail art videos and I had to do some more. I wanted to do some water marbling again and I realized the KEY to marbling is literally trying out tons of fricken combinations until you get something awesome. I had to thin out some of my polishes but it worked out in the end. Also painting your nails white or SOMETHING beforehand works well, and incorporating that color (white) in the marble to make it *pop*. This reminded me of some of my toys growing up.

Products Used:
Sally Hansen Xtreme 270 Lacey Lilac
Sally Hansen Xtreme 300 White On
Sally Hansen Xtreme 470 Bubblegum Pink
Milani 3D holographic 512 Cyberspace
Wet N' Wild WildShine 460D Kaleidoscope (iridescent glitter)
Purple and Blue Nail confetti (2-3mm)

Method Used:
Coat 1: Use white nail polish as a base, and tape off your nails for marbling
Coat 2: Drop your colors, I went with pink, then blue, then white, then purple, continue to make rings
Coat 3: After swirling a pattern (mind were random) pick a spot and dip it in!
Coat 4: After your nails are at the desired marble, coat them with glitter
Coat 5: Add 2-3 pieces of confetti, I put mine over any mistakes.

Have a good time with this, if you don't know how to water marble do a youtube search there are tons of tutorial vids. Toodles! ^_^

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