"Lisa Frank Leopard"

So.....figured out that acrylic set I wanted to do!

The nail art here is pretty simple, I used 2 similar metallic colors on each nail, and plain black. Easy Peasy.
Products Used: (Yellow Nail)
Milani 3D Holographic 510 Metallic Gold
L.A. Colors ColorCraze 570 Wave Length Metallic Yellow
Wet N' Wild (wildshine) 460D Kaleidoscope (iridescent glitter)
Wet N' Wild (wildshine) 424A Black Creme 

Method Used:
Prepare your nails with a clear acrylic set with clear acrylic tips.
Coat 1: Paint a layer of iridescent glitter
Coat 2: Add 3 large dots of 1 color to the nail, space them apart to use another color
Coat 3: Add 3 smaller dots of another color, again have room for the leopard print
Coat 4: Add black leopard marks around the dots. (use google for pictures!)

Top Coat and that's it. One of the easiest but most fun acrylic sets ever!

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