"Hello Kitty Goodies"

Well, last night I was super determined to do a full acrylic set, with some encased goodies like stickers and fimo canes. I got through four nails before running out of monomer! :(

Acrylics are much harder than they look I was getting a little frustrated from not having consistent acrylic bead sizes and wetness, but when it all gets filed down, everything did stay intact and I buffed them smooth like a BOSS.

I really think I beasted it, considering this was my like 3rd ever set. I'm gonna be a freakin boss once I go through school. ^_^

Products Used:
Clear Acrylic
Acrylic mixed with fine iridescent glitter (I actually have a dark glitter and a light one)
Hello Kitty stickers (These are cell phone stickers so they are clear ;) )
Stick On earrings (I love using these!)
Fimo flowers

Method Used:
Put down a fine layer of glitter acrylic
Add stickers, canes, etc. Some you have to bend/ fold slightly to get them to fit the curve of your nail
Add clear acrylic on top. I went thick with it to really make sure the art is trapped inside and I'll live with the extra filing. Filing did take forever though ;) I'll get better
File, and buff to an awesome shine, add top coat and love to death!

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