Check it out! I finally took my acrylics off and used the new bling I got. I loved doing these and they're so sparkly in sunlight it's awesome.

Products Used: (Blue Nail)
Sally Hansen Xtreme 130 Blue Me Away
Sally Hansen Xtreme 220 Celeb Only (silver)
Wet N' Wild (WildShine) 460D Kaleidoscope (iridescent glitter)
Assorted color nail confetti
Assorted color small (1mm) rhinestones

Method Used:
Coat 1: Paint a THICK layer of blue polish
Coat 2: Add 3 small drops of silver
Coat 3: While they're still wet, use an orange stick and drag through the silver drops to marble
Coat 4: Add glitter after they're dry
Coat 5: Add colored confetti pieces near the tips
Coat 6: Add colored rhinestones in between confetti

Voila! ^_^

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