"Hime Valentine"

Yaaaay acrylics. These were fun.

Products Used:
Clear nail tips
Clear acrylic
Sally Hansen Diamond Strength 320 Must-Have Iris
Wet N' Wild FastDry 234C Hannah Pinktanna
L.A. Colors ColorCraze BCC 555 Silver Glitter
Milani Jewel FX 583 Hot Pink
Pink and purple heart nail confetti
Small (1mm) pink/ purple rhinestones
Small (1mm) pink/ purple pearls

Method Used:
1: Apply clear acrylic tips and acrylic, file and buff
2: Paint nail tip (sally hansen) pink- just one coat so it's still semi-transparent
3: Paint nails with Milani hot pink glitter, getting most of the glitter to sit on the tips. 
4: While paint is still wet, affix alternating pearls and rhinestones along smile line
5: Add 3 hearts on tip
*Repeat alternating nails with purple and silver glitter!

Enjoy ;)

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