"Hime Valentine 2"

Hey guys. So a couple days ago I was all flustered running around getting errands done before work and broke 2 corners off my nails in a cab door! :(
Not to worry, it just meant I got another excuse to re-do my nails, plus I needed a fill anyways.

I wish my camera could show more of the blingy-bling but this is as good as it gets. I <3333 doing nails like this! Super cute, super kawaii, super gyaru, even. After filling my clear tips, I used Sally Hansen Diamond Shine 320 Must Have Iris and L.A. Colors BCC 555 Silver glitter towards the tips, then lots of sparkly blingy junk!The 3-d heart in the middle came out way clearer than I wanted (supposed to be pink acrylic) but it's all good. ^_^ 

AND- I made this necklace:

Because I <333 Ariel. I'm going back to sleep. See ya!

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  1. I am so loving your nails! They look fabulous!!! And the necklace is super cute too ^_^