"South Mpls shopping"

Hey- so I went to some little family owned beauty supply and fashion stores in south Mpls. I went to one store that had SOOOOO much stuff! Tons of cute barrettes, hair beads, nail polishes, cute jewelery, nail art supplies, weave, wig, everythang! (I like to stay natural though ^_^)

After that I went to a thrift store. Anyways- here's everything:

All this is so cheap but functional, and works well as decora, fairy kei, or just a bunch of cute s**t! And I've been crafting a ton lately, and one of my favorite past times is decorating toys.

F**k yeah my care bear is decora. Why wouldn't she be?!

And there's nothing better than adding barrettes and rhinestones to my little ponies. 
Things are getting cuter all the time around here. I'm hoping to get on that tumblr tonight. Peace out <3

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