"Flower Girl"

Hey guys. Just switched up the polish. Too tired for a tutorial, sorry. But google nail polish flower painting and you'll be on your way. I usually stray from intricate hand-painting but I felt the urge to get my game up. ^_^
Mostly I'm geeked that my right hand is looking just as good if not better than left! On my way to becoming ambidextrous!

--R Rated Comment--
A friend and I were recently discussing femme lesbians, drag queens, french tips, and long fake "stripper" nails. I started talking about nail techs in the hood and in the clubs and how it's a staple in urban queer communities, as well as the porn industry. She was like why? I said "who else besides queer divas and drag queens would be obsessed with women's fingers? Think about it!" wink wink. Seriously though hot queer chicks love my nails. It's pretty awesome.

-Stefanie B

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