"Iced Out Pink"

Hey everybody! Back to clear acrylics, and I love these!

 Products Used:
Clear Acrylic Nail Tips
Clear Acrylic powder
Iridescent glitter
Pink and White Nail confetti
Small (1mm) rhinestones (pink and clear)

Method Used:
Prep and attach nail tips
Lay down a thin coat of acrylic
While it's still wet, set in confetti
Use monomer to keep surface wet, and use a dry brush to sprinkle glitter on tips
Encapsulate glitter and confetti in a thick layer of clear acrylic. Use extra on the confetti, but not too much
Cure, and sand. DO NOT over sand the confetti area! They will lose their luster
Add clear top coat after buffing. I use Sally Hansen Diamond Shine Top Coat
While it's still wet, add rhinestones to smile line
Add Seche Vite and you're done!

Also, I found an awesome website with Japanese fashion magazine scans, free to download!
And click nails on the tags. Japanese nail art can be really daunting, especially as I make my way to the 3d super kawaii fairy kei style of doing things, but I'm still going to try someday!
-Stefanie B

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