Finally my nails were healthy enough for acrylics again! It's winter in Minneapolis and it's getting really really dry. I had to do some nail treatments first. Anywho:

Products Used: 
Clear Acylic & clear tps
L.A. colors BCC 580 Teal
Sally Hansen HD 15 DVD
L.A. Colors Art Deco: Dark Blue, Silver, Teal Glitter, and Silver Glitter
Medium (3mm) Rhinestones
Small (1-2mm) Rhinestones
Green Nail Confetti

Method Used:
Coat 1: Paint tips teal, and one nail solid teal. 
Coat 2: Coat tips with Sally Hansed DVD
Coat 3: Add 2 blue stripes, cross them with a silver stripe
Coat 4: Coat the stripes with glitter 
Coat 5: Add Rhinestones and nail confetti

It's a lot more teal than I expected but I still <33 this

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