"Halloween Liquid Flames"

Hey guys, just changed my polish again. I'm taking a break from acrylics, so sorry for so many shorts, but short nails can be just as cute and fun!

Products Used:
Wet N' Wild WildShine 424A Black Creme
Response 54 Red Glitter
L.A. Craze Magnetic Force BCC 562 (Pinkish- Orange)
Wet N' Wild FastDry 222C (Metallic/ glitter Orange)
Wet N' Wild FastDry 236C Silvivor (Metallic Silver)

Method Used:
Coat 1: Paint each nail black, except one nail on each hand silver.
Coat 2: Add red glitter over the black nails
Coat 3: Use L.A. Craze to make ooze/ flame shapes. I used some big drops, then dragged them up to the top
Coat 4: Use Wet N Wild orange glitter over ooze shapes
Coat 5: Favorite topcoat!

I hope I get another change to do a halloween set. It's coming quick!

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